Sunday, May 22, 2011

Google Certification

I have set up my account for the google certification.  Does anyone know what we need to be doing on the site for the certification?  There are a lot of presentations on the site to watch and or read.  Do we need to go through all of them for the certification?


I have met with a couple of marketing companies about the expansion of web based marketing.  I have given them the contact info for the class.  One of the companies is starting an adwords department based out of Farmington Hills.  The company is suppose to be emailing Bud with contact information.

Web Analytics

After reading the first couple of chapters I have realized that I need improvement on my website. There is no call to action on my business website with the exception of completing a request for service that is a couple of pages into the site.


I have looked at Melanie's linkedin account and after talking with her on the phone let her know that she needs to put the google adwords experience on linkedin.  We are both having issues with the linkedin account.  The problem is that we have past experience that is relevant.

Meeting with Non Profit

We as a group have tried to contact our non profit over the past 2 weeks with no avail.  We think we know what the non profits goals are, but we are only speculating.  I hope that Bud has been able to contact them to give us some more insight.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Social Media Setup

I have the website mapped to the blog.  I am hoping that it works.  I looked into the aspect of my linkedin account.  I am getting the correct profile when I log in.  I am also updating the picture on linkedin, twitter, and google.  I have to down load the picture to update it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have a contact with the Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce that are looking into ways to market the Farmer's market and additional promotions and need assistance.  Will foward the info as I get it.

Twitter Feed

I think that I got the twitter feed posted correctly.  I am not sure if everything else is flowing correctly.  I am working on it.

Set up

I got all of my accounts set up, but am unsure how to get them to link together.  I am hoping that we will cover this in class tomorrow.