Monday, August 1, 2011

update on non profit

Google certification

I started the test for the analytic. I realized that I need more review on some of the content. I have been working with a new marketing firm, which is helping with the review for test. I have until Wednesday night to get the test done.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Twitter and LinkedIn

I have spoken at my networking meeting on Thursday morning about the importance of having an active twitter account and a up to date LinkedIn profile. The more exposure a company has the internet the better placement they have on Google and other search engines. I was amazed how many did not have a LinkedIn profile. They understand how important it is and 95% of the group of 44 now have a LinkedIn profile.


I am working with a new firm in Dearborn to assist in setting up google adwords campaigns for their clients. Their clients were just like I was when I started this course. I was unsure how google adwords worked and was unsure how someone could guarantee first page placement on google. What about the other search engines??? I am able to assist them in understanding how adwords works and how it will benefit their company.

Presentation update for dream catchers